Moon Dough Big Barn

Moon Dough Big BarnThe Moon Dough Big Barn is really amazing. The dough is incredibly light and, unlike usual playdough, will never dry out. The dough also doesn’t mush together, and can be separated back into its own colours. And because it’s light, it’s perfect for little kids hands to play with.

This toy allows you to create your own farm. The dough is used to make the farm animals and other things that are needed in the farm, like hay or a fence. It’s really simple as well, just place the dough on top of the barn, turn the handle, and out comes a random farm animal

I definitely think that this is a great toy which combines fun and educational value for children. Kids will definitely love the anticipation of finding out what animal they get next and will also encourage them to think creatively.

It’s really easy to use and is not at all complicated to put together. The Moon Dough Big Barn also is not difficult to clean up, which is a great feature.

I also love that it is hypo-allergenic so you won’t need to worry about your kids developing allergies or rashes from playing with it.


If this is a must have gift, order now to avoid disappointment.


Moon Dough Big Barn Product Features

  • Magical Moulding in 3 easy steps
  • Moon Dough never dries out
  • Easy to use for very young children
  • 1 x Magic Moulding Barn, 1 x Fries Hand Mould, 1 x Hay Bale Hand Mould, 1 x Playmat, 3 colours of Moon Dough